Universal Oneness

Our Life on Earth is more than loving those close to us at an individual level.

It is a mass consciousness of Union.

Between Planets, Galaxies, Dimensions and Kingdoms.

We are all connected at every level of existence stretching far and wide beyond our Human Perception.

We exist as One.

We may have walked alone on our Spiritual Path.

But when we Merge with Universal Consciousness we realise we are Connected through multi-faceted layers.

It is not recognising there are other Light Workers out there.

But it is the Joining with your specific Belief System and

Merging with like-minded Brothers & Sisters

You do not even need to know them well

It comes through Universal Consciousness at a Global level.

You feel they come from the same stance

They wish for the same as you do ~ Peace on Earth.

A Unity of Consciousness and Universal Oneness

Greater than your thoughts or mind perception.

You feel through and beyond the Dimensional Layers

You Serve your Purpose as our Light Beings look upon.

Words are often not needed.

We exist together.

An expansion of your Heart and Crown Chakra

We merge together and Unite as One

We serve at a Greater & Deeper level

Activating Source through our Stellar Gateway.


The Collective Consciousness and the Merging with Our Brothers & Sisters alike.

We are all One.



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