Summer Solstice


Summer Solstice Celebration~ 21st June (20-23rd) ~ Longest Day & Shortest Night

I took this picture on one of my favourite pathway walks close to my home.  Being surrounded by trees is healing and grounding.

Tuning into the Seasonal Celtic Festivals is a great way for celebrating our life on Earth and honouring each season as they pass by.  Each season serves a different lesson.

Festival of Attainment & Return of the Dark (Nights)

The sun’s rays shine down on Earth at the farthest point north in the annual cycle.

The turning point of the year and the energy changes.

The days shorten and the sun’s power will begin to wane.

Like all traditions that follow the lunar calendar the celebrations begin at dusk on the eve of the day, when the sun sets.

On Midsummer Eve, fires were lit on hill tops.  People stayed up all night to watch the sunrise.  A night for carnival and candlelit procession.  

The summer solstice celebrates all that we have manifested in the last quarter and to give thanks for this and the light we have received.  We now begin to look inwards as the darker nights approach, a time for introversion and introspection now become upon us.  We connect deeper with the inner world as the sun loses its light.

The Earth is green and abundant as the growth cycle has reached its peak of the year.  This also represents the peak of our expressive and expansive selves.  We celebrate, at this time, all we have achieved and who we are.

Now we look inwards to our inner achievements which will depend and grow during the next cycle.

The three days during the Summer Solstice 20th-23th June are important and a good time to stand still and to go inward and honour all that is.

Ceremonial Celebrations for the Summer Solstice:


  • Be Outdoors!
  • Gather with friends
  • Watch the Sunrise on Summer Solstice
  • Celebrate the Sun and the gifts the light brings us
  • Meet with like-minded souls and have a circular walk by candlelight
  • Decorate yourself with garlands of herbs and flowers of the season
  • Pot herbs and give as gifts to friends and neighbours
  • Dry garden herbs from this time and make herb bags with muslin for tea and baths
  • Sing, dance and express yourself outdoors in nature.
  • As evening sets light a fire or a chimnea in your garden.
  • Connect with your intentions for the next cycle and be still
  • Journal releasing thoughts and burn old matters that no longer serve you in the fire
  • Watch the Sunset
  • Give thanks to Mother Earth and the season.



  • Create a sacred space or alter indoors
  • Put seasonal fresh flowers or herbs on the alter and create a nice display
  • Use incense or aromatherapy mists to cleanse the room and your aura
  • Light a candle
  • Take a moment to breath and connect inwards in meditation and contemplation 
  • Give thanks for the sun and mother nature and all she brings to us
  • Write down anything you wish to release emotionally
  • Trust this is released for the highest good
  • Sit with like-minded souls and create a circle of friendship or 
  • Sit on your own and connect with the inner realms
  • Give thanks for the previous cycle and what you have achieved
  • Look to the next cycle and write what you would like to achieve
  • Use crystals to amplify your intention
  • Give gratitude for the space and for the summer solstice
  • Closing Ceremony ~ let go of all intentions and trust for the highest good.

Trees associated with the summer solstice:

Deciduous trees  (e.g Oak) must be harvested before the summer solstice,  as after that they contain too many alkaloids (natural plant poisons that repel insects) and these can be irritating to human tissues.  Always gather bark from twigs and branches, never from the trunk of a tree, or you might kill the tree. 

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