St Brigid’s Healing Well ~ Ireland

Saint Brigid

ST BRIGID’S HEALING WELL ~ Patron Saint of Ireland ~ County Kildare ~

I had a trip to St Brigid’s Well in Spring 2022.

A sacred site – The Patroness of Ireland.  A site used by Brigid for religious devotion, particularly on St Brigid’s annual feast day on February 1st, to mark the first day of Spring, Imbolc.  One of the Fire Festivals.  She is associated with the Sacred Fire Flame.  She is said to be the protector of homes and watches over hearth and home.  St Brigid’s Cross marks the coming of the Imbolc, made from rushes, traditionally to celebrate the birth of Spring and protect the home. St Brigid arrived with her nuns in the year of 480 AD.  Her mother was a Christian and her father a Pagan.  She built her Abby ~ St Brigid’s Cathedral in County Kildare under an Oak Tree – Cill Dara, ‘Church of the Oak’.    She died in 525 AD.  After her death she was declared a saint as her life was dedicated to praying and healing for others.  During her life many of the miracles related to her healing, including healing and feeding the poor.

The Celtic Goddess was served by a young group of women who tended an eternal flame. She is recognised by the eternal flame, lamp or torch of religious significance.  Brigid had an initial group of seven female companions who were credited for organising communal consecrated religious life for Women in Ireland.  The females would traditionally gather outdoors on the hill of Kildare and the flame would represent the new light of Christianity.  Traditionally the flame is re-lit every year on Brigid’s Day in County Kildare and around the country for those wishing to celebrate her life and connect with her devoted cause of peace, prayer and healing. May the light of Brigid continue…

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