Saint Brigid ~ Goddess Invocation


Audio Download  (11mins).

Invocation to call on Goddess Saint Brigid ~ Patroness of Ireland to confer her Healing Energy on you.  Associated with the Imbolc Celtic Festival .

St Brigid’s Cathedral & Well ~ A sacred site located in County Kildare, Ireland used by Brigid for religious devotion, particularly on St Brigid’s day ~ February 1st, to mark the first day of Spring, Imbolc.  One of the Fire Festivals.  She is associated with the Sacred Fire Flame.  She is said to be the protector of homes and watches over hearth and home.

Brigid’s eternal flame is traditionally the flame is re-lit every year on Brigid’s Day y for those wishing to celebrate her life and connect with her devoted cause of peace, prayer and healing.  May the light of Brigid continue…

Use this Meditation to connect with her Strength and Energy.

This Invocation is available for immediate digital download as an mp3 file on purchase.

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