Ground in Light


Ground in Light

This workshop is taught online for 1 Hour.

Learn a daily tool for life.

Ground to Mother Earth and Attune to Source Light.

I will lead participants through a guided visualisation of the process.  A handout will be emailed on signing up for the workshop.

This process allows us to be mindful by being present and aware in the moment.  We will:

  • Be taught the Ground in Light Process
  • Led through a Guided Meditation taking us inwards, concentrating on the breath, witnessing and allowing thoughts to be fluid whilst remaining aware
  • Ground effectively with Gaia
  • Connect and Attune safely to the Highest Light
  • Finish with a Guided Imagery allowing the mind to drift and explore while allowing the body to relax
  • Coming back safely to the present moment.

~ We will practice body scan awareness, silent meditation and guided imagery ~

A large part of the Divine Feminine is remaining Grounded on our Spiritual Path.  With modern day living, electronics, wi-fi, mobile phones, we use artificial electricity and methods when natural sunlight goes down and have lost the connection with our bodies, earth and the lunar cycles.  When the sun goes down we should use candlelight and spend time in the lunar light and under the stars every night (even if they are not visible due to clouds).  This will bring us back in touch with our natural cycles, balance our hormones and mood and provides better health.  When we are working spiritually we can only rise as far as we are grounded to Gaia.  We have to protect in light to connect and attune to the light.  This workshop will show you how.




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