Herbal Beauty Workshop


Book on Herbal Beauty Workshop.



What we will cover:

Herbal Infusions & Decotions ~ Botanical Brews

Healing Salves & First Aid Ointments

Herbal Body Oils

Herbal Face & Hand Creams

We will learn:

The process of Herbal Extraction

Solar & Lunar Herbal Infusions

Storing & Drying Herbs

What herbs to use for Herbal Beauty Skin Care Products

Herbal Beauty Teas

Herbal Beauty Skin Care Recipes

Lynsey qualified as a Herbologist from the Royal Botanic Gardens Edinburgh.  Also an Aromatherapist who has been making and using her own natural skin care products for many years.  She wishes to educate others about the bountiful benefits of using herbal beauty products in our daily lives.





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