Divine Feminine Wisdom Coaching ~ 30 Mins


This consultation can take place over phone call or online video call.

Live your Divine Feminine Birth Right..

Spiritual Direction is a process where we are encouraged in spiritual and holistic way to find and live our Divine Life Mission.  I work as a Divine Feminine Guide in a positive way to help you heal, move past blocks, uncover your soul gifts, turn suffering into spiritual expansion, deepen your spiritual connection and lead an empowered life.

Here we can discover who we are, where we are, how we got here, where we want to go and how to get there.  Lessons learned and wisdom gained.    We do not wish to do anything to cause you fear or push you in a direction that feels uncomfortable, but the opposite.. The path of least resistance usually takes you there..  

Understand what our Soul wishes for us to accomplish so we can Ascend.  It is usually not what we think.  Hopefully it will make you not fight your life experiences but to better understand them, why they repeat and realise we have had to experience these situations as it is vital for our Souls’ growth..

This process will highlight any blockages in our etheric energy body – our chakra system requiring adjusted or healed.  This occurs internally and this creates our external circumstances.

Every thought, emotion and action is stored in our etheric and auric field and connects to the corresponding chakras which creates our life.

We may cover different topics in accordance with the individual’s vibration:

  • Life Purpose Direction
  • Chiron Wound Healing
  • Ground & Connect in Light
  • The Inner Workings of the Soul & Understanding our Personal Ascension Process
  • Developing Daily Safe Spiritual Practice
  • Chakra Wisdom & Energetic Influences
  • Nutritional Healing & Hydration
  • Inner Beauty & Encompassing the Sacred Feminine
  • Meditation Coaching
  • Divine Feminine Rituals

Every session will be Unique to the Individual’s Vibrational Needs at the time.



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