Angelic Reiki Healing


Angelic Reiki

  High Frequency Healing infusing the Soul with Channelled Divine Angelic Energy.

Receive a downpour of Divine Soul Energy from the Angelic Kingdom of Light. Our planet has woken up to a greater reality and the Divine is expressing itself continually in the world we live in.  This is available to us all, now, here on our beautiful earth.

Angelic Reiki allows the client to connect with their own soul or higher self and raise their vibration to a higher level of consciousness.

This is a pure, gentle and joyous energy that is given with Divine love. This can be enjoyed by all regardless of age or condition.

In Angelic Reiki we do not perceive that anything is wrong or that there is something to ‘do’. There are no wrongs. There is no judgement in this space. Everything is in Divine perfect order as is is meant to be.

I welcome you to feel the Blessing.

Past-Life Release can be incorporated on request.

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