Hand-made Organic Natural Skin Care

Beauty Treatments

Using Nature Goddess Natural Skin Care. Choose from a facial, back and neck massage or hand massage (with manicure if you wish) using our natural home-made products (except nail polish which we use as natural as possible and is formaldehyde free!).

This is great way to relax, choose your own package and sample our products (create your own and let us know!)


Nourish your skin with hand -made natural products. Made with pure plant extracts, vegetable & essential oils.  Includes facial cleanse, exfoliation, massage, mask, tone & moisturise with eye blend.  £30  (Products available to buy).Luxury Facial 


Manicure:  File & shape nails, buff & polish.  £10 (and hand massage if wanted)

Luxury Pedicure:  Soak, cuticle treatment, foot massage file & paint.  £20

Pedicure:    File & paint, massage feet  £15



Indian Head Massage  Working on upper back, shoulders, neck, scalp & face.  Relieves muscle tension, nourishes the skin & hair and creates a balanced feeling of peace. £35

Reflexology  By working reflex points in the feet, energy pathways are cleared to aid organs, glands, muscles, tissues, digestive & circulatory systems, enhancing overall well-being   £35