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Hopi Ear Candling

An ancient practice, also known as thermo-auricular therapy, which is helpful for a variety of ear, nose and throat conditions, while also being deeply relaxing to mind and soul, helping to still stressful minds.   Many cultures including the Egyptians, Romans and Greeks and Native Americans, (said to have originated in Arizona) used ear candling on a spiritual level to purify and cleanse the aura.  Hopi means ‘peaceful people’.

Hopi Ear Candling can be enjoyed by anyone purely for relaxation purposes and can also help ailments such as:

  • Sinusitis
  • Tinnitus
  • Hay fever
  • Catarrh
  • Headaches
  • Irritability and stress
  • May help to loosen excessive ear wax
  • Ear pressure due to flying
  • Vertigo

How Does It Work?

The treatment involves placing an ear candle – a hollow tube made of unbleached cotton that is coated with natural ingredients such as beeswax, honey and herbs into the ear canal. Each ear done separately, the candle gently burns down and acts like a ‘chimney’ creating a light vacuum effect. The flicker of the flame also creates vibrations that massage the eardrum, while the essential oils and herbs from the candle create vapours that soothe the ear and aura.

Treatment Session:  £35