Dimensional Reiki

Healing from a Soul Level through the Energetic Time Line.  Reconnect to a Higher Vibration.  Connection to our Birth Vision and Life Purpose. Higher Dimensional Clarity within our Physical realm Existence.

All Healing is Channelled from the 10th Dimension through the Crown Chakra.

This treatment is suitable for all ages and conditions.  It is also suitable for those who prefer shorter treatments lasting 25 minutes and can be done sitting in a chair if preferred.  Can also be done on treatment bed.  Wheelchair clients welcome.

Treatment Session: £40


Dimensional Layer Descriptions:

1st Dimension:  Virus

2nd Dimension:  Plant / Animal

3rd Dimension: Earth / Human Life & Karma

4th Dimension: Spiritually Evolved Physical Being

5th Dimension:  Re-incarnation Chamber

6th Dimension:  Recollection & Soul Blueprint (Heaven)

7th Dimension:  Genetic Blueprint Soul Family

8th Dimension:  Realm of Council – Karma  (Where we pray to and meditate)

9th Dimension:  Dimension of Stillness – (parallel existences)

10th Dimension:  Life Ki Energetic Time Line (Birth Vision) Channel healing from.

11th Dimension:  Individuality – Personality (Ego) – Birthing of our Soul’s characteristics

12th Dimension:  Life Purpose – Genetic Energetic Imprint of Oneness

13th Dimension:  Dual Awareness – Soul Emerges.  Guardian Angel. 1st fragmentation of Light Being

14th Dimension: Awareness – Light Being. Vibrational Change that will last for Eternity.