More about Lynsey


I was born and raised on the West Coast of Scotland and still live here, by Loch Lomond.

I love the water, the wind, the air, trees, the land, the soil…

 I had a spiritual awakening when I was 18 years of age while visiting the Grand Canyon.  This opened my eyes and attuned me to the mineral, natural and crystal kingdom.

On returning home, I trained as a Children’s Nurse and worked in the nursing profession for 10 years.  While alongside moving into natural, spiritual and complementary health to quench my spiritual thirst for ancient knowledge and after my own health challenges.  At 22 I learnt to meditate at a Buddhist Temple and continue to practice daily.

I am a spiritual seeker and have trained in many areas of holistic health.  I trained extensively in energy healing and volunteered at my local children’s hospice for 10 years, offering healing to the mothers and light touch massage to the children, this only ceased due to the pandemic.  I trained as an aromatherapist and brought out a natural skin care range following training in Findhorn, Scotland.  I have trained as a holistic nutrition and health coach.

I have had an ardorous path of self-healing that seems never-ending as I continue to move through the spirals of life and expand my own consciousness.

I studied Herbology at the Edinburgh Botanic Gardens and run Herbal Beauty Workshops teaching others how to make their own natural skin care products at home.  I have spent time living and working on Islay, a Scottish Island in the Inner Hebrides teaching Beauty where I love to explore sacred pilgrim spots.

One day I came across an article on a Priestess that sent shivers down my spine and a burst of light came through my crown chakra.  It explained all.  It was what I had been living and answered so many questions about my life, the dark nights of the soul I had been through.  I had no spiritual lineage or teachings from my family, this had been done alone..

I have now brought all my practices, experience and training gained along the way to embody the Divine Feminine.  I  unite Heaven with Earth to teach others how to lead a spiritually attuned and conscious life.

I hope you find solace and healing here, so we can all work together, at this pivotal time of evolution to awaken to our spiritual potential and activate your Divine Feminine Birth Light, living a sacred life, living the right way.

With Blessings from me to you.

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