Learn to quieten your mind. Feel the presence of stillness.

Enter an Enchanted World, Feel Lighter and Connected to the Centre of your Soul.

Feel more relaxed and peaceful in your everyday life. Draw your attention inwards as true peace comes from within not from the external world.

flowerMeditation has been known to reduce stress, anxiety, depression insomnia and chronic pain while increasing well-being, joy, inspiration and clarity of mind. When you align with your soul you are truly connected and present.

Meditation is a simple process. I offer small group workshops and teach one-to-one sessions.

We can use silent meditation or guided visualisations to induce relaxation while also exploring images with interpretation of findings, encouraging clients to trust and follow their own guidance. Lynsey writes her own guided visualisations.

Meditation clears and charges the chakras helping maintain balance.

Each session and workshop will be tailor-made for the clients or groups wishes.

Examples of Guided Visualisations include:

The Sacred Temple

The Herb Garden

The Mystical Castle

The Nature Grove with Goddess Nemetoma

The Healing Baths

The Great Jade Lemurian Temple

This is a truly beautiful, uplifting and safe space.

Group Meditations/Guided Visualisations 2-4 places  (1hr)  £10 each.
One on One Session/Teaching. (1hr 15mins)  £35



For dates and details of current Workshops/Meditations please click on Events Page or Contact Us.

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