The Lemurian etheric records are said to be stored in a crystal city beneath Mount Shasta to preserve their wisdom.  When I was 17 years of age I stayed with a friend for a month on the West Coast of America and we took a road trip down to California and drove past Mount Shasta, the highest Volcano in Northern California.  Many years later I trained as a Lemurian Healing Teacher in Scotland and unbeknownst to me I was not aware of the association of Mount Shasta, it sent shivers through my crown as I feel such a deep connection to Lemuria!

Lemuria was a high vibrational Golden Age and was the civilisation before Atlantis.  The Lemurians can help us purify and rise higher.  Lemurians were etheric beings (like angels but 5th dimensional).  Later the Atlanteans came on the crossover who were more technological and experimental who led more complicate lives.  Most Lemurians did not physically walk the ground.  They were complete in themselves.

They had a great love for Mother Earth and lived simple yet meaningful lives.  They believed all they needed was provided by nature and the spiritual realms.  They did no harm and took as little from Mother Earth as possible, which is why there is not much evidence of their existence.  They were very attuned to and worked with the Elemental Kingdom.  The only evidence of their presence was their crystals which were meant for us to assist us through the New Transition of Planetary Healing and Service.

Their dream for Lightworkers is to consciously create a new Golden Age.  Lets bring Heaven to Earth.  This is not the Lemurians job, they will us heal and guide us to purify ourselves, others and the land, we as earth beings have been heaven sent to assist in this task.  As we clear energetically, healing old emotional patterns, we lift to a higher vibration and this has an automatic effect on Mother Earth – it purifies her emotional body as well.  So as we heal ourselves we are healing the Planet.

“When you cannot see us

We have become pure light

There is no distance between us

There is no fight

We wish to stand by your side

Let this be your Divine right

Brothers and Sisters lets merge as One

Let time not restrict us, day or night”

                             your Lemurian friends


To Connect with a Lemurian Guide do it through your Heart Energy and commune regularly in an awake and sleep state.  They will not lower their vibration to meet us, we have to lift our vibration to meet them and they will meet us half way.  They are of pure intention and we have to match that.  After the sinking of Lemuria they will not be a party to destruction again.


Strengthen Lemurian connection to Earth:

  • Send Golden footsteps around the planet with every step, visualise and feel this happen
  • Feel your breath merge with every flowing movement of the Ocean swaying in and out, tuning in with her cycles.
  • When looking upon nature see white light engulf Mother Earths splendour – trees, grass, soil, ocean, plants, flowers, food growing, the sky, the air we breath
  • Eat high vibrational foods grown from Mother Earth holding her energy and light
  • If your heart is pure and open and your soul of the highest intention connect with a Lemurian Crystal
  • Connect with Lemurian Crystalline Etheric Grids underground
  • Pray and send Light around the Planet to areas in need. See the land and people balanced, peaceful and pure
  • Honour the Elemental Kingdom
  • Honour all Animals
  • Honour Nature
  • Honour and Bless all walking on Mother Earth
  • Honour and Love yourself
  • Use natural products, capturing Natures Light in a bottle, filling your cells with light. (The body absorbs 80% of what we put on our skins). The skin is the largest organ of the body. Treat it with respect.

As much as Crystals hold powerful elemental and healing energy, we do not want to encourage man mining them purely for production and re-sale.  This can deplete her of her resources when we artificially mine. Let Mother Earth reveal her Crystal Light within her inner body in her chosen Divine Time.

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Paradigm Shift ~ Lemurian Earth

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