We only use the highest quality, safe, naturally active ingredients in all our products.     Contains NO parabens, lanolin, mineral oil, harsh chemicals, synthetic fragrances, SLS or formaldehyde.  VEGAN ~ NO ANIMAL TESTING OR ANIMAL EXTRACTS  


pastedGraphic.pngALMOND OIL (SWEET)  Prunus amygdalus  Classic oil for skin care, mild & non-irritating, easily absorbed, leaving skin soft & smooth.  Obtained from the seeds of the almond tree, taken from within the stone of the fruit. A light oil which is non-comedogenic so does not clog pores, suits  most skin types. Contains essential fatty acids, vitamin E and traces of vitamin B.  ALLERGY INFO: Not suitable for nut allergies. 

 pastedGraphic_1.png  ALOE VERA  Aloe barbadensis  Soothing & calming, rejuventaing & invigorating.  Known for its anti-inflamatory and natural anti-septic astringent properties.  Stimulates epidermal growth & repair process by forming new connective tissue.  Reduces pain & heals scars, lesions, burns & sunburn.  Extracted from the aloe barbadensis plant grown in Mexico.  Is nutrrient rich & has wonderful skin healing properties.

pastedGraphic_2.pngAPRICOT KERNEL OIL  Prunus armeniaca  Mild, light & tolerated by most skin types, especially those with sensitive, inflamed, dry or aging skin.  It enhances skin elasticity, has a soft & smooth feel to the skin & is easily but more slowly absorbed.  Is nutrient rich and containg vitamin B17, proteins, minerals and essential fatty acids.  Extracted from the kernel of apricot fruit.

pastedGraphic_3.png BENZOIN  Essential Oil  Styrax benzoin styraceae  Used for cuts, chapped skin, inflamed & irritated conditions.  Purifying & soothing with a warm energizing scent.  Non-toxic and non-irritant.  Extracted from the trunk of a large tropical tree which produces a balsamic resin.  WARNING: Do not use on babies.

pastedGraphic_4.png   CARBAMIDE MOISTURISER CRYSTALS  Urea  Natural moisturiser and humecant (water-binding) agent to retain moisture into the skin.  This works as an occlusive and keeps skin soft by protecting the skin from moisture loss via the elements.

pastedGraphic_5.png CASTOR OIL  Ricinus communis  Historically this has been used for centuries for therapeutic purposes.  Its cleansing properties make it ideal in cleansers & exfoliators as it draws out impurities.  It is a thick vegetable oil making it suitable for dry skin including eczema & psoriasis.  It contains vitamin E and protects the skin from wind & weather conditions.  The oil is extracted from the castor bean from the castor oil plant.

pastedGraphic_6.png  CEDARWOOD ATLAS  Essential Oil  cedrus atlantica  Used for oily skin, acne, skin eruptions, eczema & dermatitis skin conditions.  Known for its astringent & anti-septic properties.  Has a sweet, woody-balsamic scent.  Has warming & uplifting qualities and useful as a skin tonic.  Non-toxic & non-irritant.  The oil is extracted from the wood, stumps and sawdust of the tall evergreen tree.  WARNING: Do not use in pregnancy.

 pastedGraphic_7.png  CETYL ALCOHOL  Cetyl alcohol  Emulsifier to allow oil to mix with water to give creams and lotions consistency.  Natural vegetable based raw material made from palm kernel oil.  

pastedGraphic_8.png   CHAMOMILE (ROMAN) Essential Oil  Chamaemelum nobile  Soothing, calming & healing.  Anti-inflammatory,  anti-bacterial & anti-septic. Wonderful for dry skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, sunburn, cuts, insect bites, wounds, rashes & sensitive skin.  Hydrates & repairs skin.  The oil is extracted from the flower head.

pastedGraphic_9.png  COCOA BUTTER  Theobroma cacao  Adds softness, nourishment & protection to skin.  Is mild & tolerated well.  Repairs & hydrates skin while retaining moisture.  Derived from the cocoa bean found on the tropical evergreen cocoa tree grown in South America & Africa.

 pastedGraphic_10.png COCONUT BUTTER  Cocos nucifera  Skin softening & nourishing.  Excellent re-juvenation for dry & damaged skin, providing skin cell renewal.  Moisture retaining & provide protective barrier against weather.  Melts like silk into a fine light oil at room temperature.  Melting point 25o-28oC.  Extracted from coconuts grown on palm trees.  Country of origin West Africa.

pastedGraphic_11.png  COMFREY  Symphytum officinalis  LATIN: ‘With strength’  Healing, re-juventaing & soothing.  In skin care comfrey is used to repair damaged skin – stimulating wound & cell healing, tissue damage including eczema & psoriasis. Vitamin & protein content help treat skin conditions by stimulating the growth of healthy tissue while retaining moisture. Helps sensitive skin to become more resilient.

 pastedGraphic_12.png   CUPUACU EXFOLIANT  Theobroma grandiflorium.  Harvested from the seeds of the cupuacu tree in South American Rainforest.  Fine bio-scrub particles provide a stimulating & cleansing effect on skin, gently removing dead skin cells allowing new cell growth for a more brighter, radiant complexion.  Has faint smell of chocolate as tree related to cacao. Can be used on face & body daily.  Use at least once-twice weekly to gain benefits.

pastedGraphic_13.png  CYPRESS  Essential Oil Cupressus sempervirens  Small evergreen tree with a sweet, woody balsamic scent.  Refreshing, purifying, soothing & protective.  Ideal for oily, over hydrated prespiring skins.  Contains natural insect repellent.  Oil is extracted from the needles and twigs.

pastedGraphic_14.png D – PANTHENOL  Panthenol  ProVitamin B5 (pantothenic acid).  A Vitamin that penetrates the skin, binds moisture & creates a protective film.  It is an emollient, moisturiser & humecant (water binding). The biologically active molecular structure keeps skin soft by retaining moisture.   

pastedGraphic_15.pngEVENING PRIMROSE OIL   Oenothera biennis  Cold pressed with a very high Gamma Linolenic Acid (GLA) – a substance the body needs to make prostaglandins.  Source of Omega 3 & 6 essential fatty acids.  It is a fine textured oil used for its moisturising & emollient properties without clogging pores.  Known for centuries to treat dry & irritated skin conditions including eczema. Used topically on the skin as an antioxidant & anti-inflammatory which supports anti-ageing and reduces redness.  The oil is extracted from the seeds of the flower which open only in the evening.

pastedGraphic_16.png   FRANKINCENSE  Essential Oil  Boswellia sacra  Essential oil known for its benefits with mature complexions, containing anti-wrinkle properties while known to treat scars, wounds and blemishes.  A purifying oil which is retorative, balancing & a relaxing tonic. Known as a meditative oil to help combat stress.  The oil is extraced from the oleo-gum resin of the bark of a small tree.

pastedGraphic_17.png  GERANIUM  Essential Oil  Pelargonium graveolens  Essential oil is extracted from the leaves, stalks and flowers.  Green & sweet rosy aroma.  A versatile oil used for its skin care qualities to soothe skin irritations with its anti-septic & anti-inflammatory properties.  Particularly useful for mature & dry complextions.  Although can be used for all skin types including oily & sensitive to help congestion & skin conditions.  A tonic and nerve soother. 

pastedGraphic_18.png  GLYCERINE  Glycerol  Used to retain & bind moisture to soften the skin.  A humecant which is water binding protecting dehydrated skin from too much sun, weather exposure, harsh cleansers & ageing.  The molecular structure forms a protective layer on the skin preventing moisture loss.  Comes from sustainable palm oil in Venezuela. 

 pastedGraphic_19.png   JOJOBA OIL  Simmondsia chinensis  Cold pressed oil extracted from seeds of the evergreen desert bush.  Softens, protects & helps skin hold its moisture.  Adds protection to hand creams & improves suppleness.  Used for all skin types, has a velvety feeling and is easily absorbed.  

  pastedGraphic_20.png  LAVENDER  Lavandula angustifolia  Indigenous to the Mediterranean, now cultivated all over the world. The essential oil is extracted from the fresh flowering tops.  A light, soft, floral classic oil used for centuries.  Healing, balancing, puryfing & soothing.  Versatile uses for skin care due to its healing & therapeutic properties.

pastedGraphic_21.png MACADAMIA NUT OIL  Macadamia tetraphylla  This vegetable oil is cold pressed from the nuts of the macadamia tetraphylla tree, which originated in Australia.  Particularly useful for dry and mature skin due to the fattiness of the oil. The high palmitic acid content is known to reduce the skin’s ageing process. It has a soft & smooth texture that the skin absorbs slowly allowing skin to retain its moisture & elasticity.  This long suface time makes it a good lubricant and protects against wind & weather.  Can be used safely around the eyes.  Has a natural SPF of 4.  Not suitable for oily, large pores or acne prone skin.

pastedGraphic_22.png  MANDARIN Essential Oil  Citrus reticulata  The oil is extracted by cold expression from the outer peel.  Fresh, sweet, mild, uplifting comforting & soothing.   Ideal in skin care for oily and congested skins, scars, spots, stretch marks.  An ideal refreshing tonic for the skin.

pastedGraphic_23.png  MF EMULSIFIER  Sodium stearoyl lactylate  Vegetable based emulsifier to allow water to mix with oil.  Used to make professional cosmetic product.

pastedGraphic_24.pngOLIVE OIL  Olea eurpoea  Native to the Mediterranean & cold pressed from the olives of the olive tree.  Has naturally occurring Vitamin E, A (betacarotene) & K.  Known for its anti-inflammatory, anti-coagulant & antioxidant properties.  Nourishing skin softening qualities & easily absorbed.  Very good for mature, dry & sensitive skin.  The oils fattiness provides an occlusive & protective barrier against the elements & stops transepidermal water loss.  Excellent for hand & foot creams due to softening & protective properties.  Strengthens the capilliary walls so good for skin that bruises easily. Not recommended for large pored or oily skins. 

pastedGraphic_25.png  ORANGE BLOSSOM (NEROLI)  Citrus aurantium ( flowers) Extracted from the freshly picked blossom flower of the orange evergreen tree.  Native to China & cultivated today in the Mediterranean.  One of the most expensive essential oils.  Fresh, floral, soft, delicate, exquisite aroma.  Restoring, soothing, an uplifting tonic.  Named after the wife of the Italian Prince of Nerola in the 16th Century ~ Princess of Nerola who used it extensively.  Ideal for mature & sensitive skins.  Works on wrinkles, scars, stretch marks & broken capillaries.  Floral water has mild astringent effects to seal pores. Ideal to tone the complexion.  Soothing & caring for the skin.

pastedGraphic_26.png  PALMAROSA  Cymbopogon martinni var   Wild, herbaceous fragrant plant.  Sweet, floral, rosy-green scent.  Refeshing & balancing.  Wonderful & versatile skin care properties for all skin types.  Uses include acne, dermatitis, minor skin infections, scars, sores, wrinkles.  Stimulates cellular regeneration & regulates sebum.  A valuable oil for use on face, hands, feet, neck & lips. Moisturizes and keeps the skin supple and flexible while has calming effect on the body.

pastedGraphic_27.png  PEACH KERNEL OIL  Prunus persica  Originated in China & now grown in Mediterrnean.  A semi-fatty oil that is easily and quite slowly absorbed by the skin.  Mild and well tolerated.  Particularly good for sensitive, inflamed, dry or mature skin.  Provides skin rejuventaing properties & enhances skins elasticity with a soft, smooth quality on the skin.  

 PRESERVATIVE 12  Phenoxyethanol, ethylhexylglycerin  New, innovative, more natural preservative suitable for sensitive skin. Stops growth of micro-organisms such as fungi, bacteria and yeast.  Added to products which contain water to increase the shelf life.  Without natural preservative creams would only last 1-2weeks.

PRESERVATIVE ECO  Benzyl alcohol, salicylic acid, glycerine, sorbic acid  (ECOCERT & COSMOS approved – meets European cosmetic organic standards).  The composition of this antimicrobial blend offers broad spectrum protection in a diverse range of products against bacteria, yeast and mould.  Has wide global regulatory acceptance.  Non-paraben, non-formaldehyde, non-isothiazolone.  Not suitable for use on children under 3 due to immaturity of skin except for use in rinse off products.

pastedGraphic_28.png  REMODELLING INTENSE  Caprylic triglyceride spilanthes acmella flower extract   Active raw material formulated in France known to restructure, firm and smooth the face and body.  Excellent for anti-ageing lifting products and anti-stretch mark treatments.  Very hydrating.  Excellent rejuvention for skin in body butters

pastedGraphic_29.png  ROSE  Rosa centifolia  Native to the Middle East.  Extracted from the fresh rose petals.  Floral, rich, rosy, warm exquisite aroma.  Comforting & soothing.  Rose remains one of the most important perfume ingredients found in many fine fragrances.  Wonderful for mature and sensitive skin – thread veins, wrinkles, fine lines, scars, wounds, stretch marks, eczema.  A luxury, nurturing oil.  Non-toxic and non-irritant, best avoided during first 20 weeks of pregnancy but a wonderful oil to use in labour.

   pastedGraphic_30.png  ROSEHIP OIL  Rosa rubiginosa  Superior & luxurious oil for skin care.  Dry and thin making it suitable for the face and eye area.  Has softening and moisturising effect.  Is the only vegetable oil, which contains natural tretinoin, the acid form of Vitamin A.  This is very good for treating skin infections such as acne, pimples and boils.  Rosehip is amongst the best vegetable oil source of Omega 3 and good source of Omega 6 essential fatty acids known as Vitamin F.  This allows cellular membrane & tissue regeneration.  It repairs damaged skin tissue & scars caused by scalds, burns, varicose veins & sun-damaged skin.  Useful for oily & sensitive skins as helps to normalise skin with large pores. It reduces and heals fine lines around the eyes & is thought to be the best anti-wrinkle oil today.   Returns colour and life to damaged skin.

pastedGraphic_31.png  ROSEMARY Antioxidant  Rosmarinus officinalis  New generation antioxidant.  Natural active raw material that will prolong life of product.  Not not carry the same qualities as the essential oil, is unscented.

pastedGraphic_32.png  ROSEWATER  Rosa damascena flowers  Retains moisture, has a soothing effect & heals on many levels. Is a wonderful tonic & suitable for normal, dry, mature & sensitive skins.  Mildly astringent & cooling.  Rose water is ideal for refreshing toners & as an uplifting, soothing spritz. 

pastedGraphic_33.png   SHEA BUTTER  Butyrospermum parkii  Very moisturising, healing & protecting, particularly good for dry & damaged skin.  Stimulates cell growth and is wonderful for preventing and treating stretch marks during pregnancy.  Fats are not abosrbed by the skin so provide an outer layer of protection and barrier against the elements so help to retain moisture.  Protects skin from the sun and from drying out, has natural SPF of 2-3.  Organic produce from womans fair trade project in Ghana.

pastedGraphic_34.png  SORBITOL  Sotbitol  Moisturiser which has a velvety feeling and is ideal in cleansers and exfoliators.  An occlusive that is not absorbed by the skin to provide barrier and protection, preventing moisture loss.

pastedGraphic_35.pngSUNFLOWER OIL  Helianthus annus  Cold pressed & extracted from the sunflower seeds.  A light, dry oil with high content of Omega 6 EFA.  Nourishing and suitable for many skin care uses, including oily skin as is a thin oil & can help minimize pore sizes.  Also useful for eczema & psoriasis.  Due to high linoleic content makes it good for treating bruises and leg ulcers.  Spreads well and easily absorbed.

pastedGraphic_36.pngTHISTLE OIL  Carthamus tinctorius  Refined or cold pressed from the seeds.  A dry, thin oil with a rich source of Linoleic acid – Omega 3 & 6 EFA (Vitamin F) which can make up to 80% of the oil content & has the highest Omega 6 content of all the vegetable oils.  This makes it a versatile oil that the skin can easily absorb due to the high content of Vitamin F.  Nourishing for face & body, helping to reduce pore sizes.  Works well when blended with other oils to soften its texture.  Suitable for all skin types.

   pastedGraphic_37.pngVE EMULSIFIER  Glyceryl stearate  Vegetable based emulsifier for creams to allow water to mix with vetable oils to create a professional product.   Produced from coconut & palm kernel oil.

    pastedGraphic_38.pngVITAMIN A  Palmitate  Retinol palmitate  Antioxidant to provide vitamins for the skin, having an anti-ageing affect.  Useful for dry, mature skin & skin conditions/infections.  Keeps skin cells moist & healthy providing resistance to cell damage.  N.B. High doses of Vitamin A should be avoided by pregnant women.

pastedGraphic_39.pngVITAMIN E  Tocopherol   Classic antioxidant which protects against destruction of free connective tissue caused by free radicals.  Healing & anti-ageing qualities, heals scars & scar tissue and eases wrinkles.  Promotes healthy skin while acting as a natural preservative for products.

pastedGraphic_40.png WATER  Aqua   Pure Scottish organic bottled spring water

pastedGraphic_41.png  XANTHAN GUM  Xanthan gum  Used as a thickening agent for natural skin care products.  Consists of natural polysaccharides which produce gel when mixed with water.  These moisturise and soften the skin and make skin creams feel fluffy.

pastedGraphic_42.pngYLANG YLANG  Canaga odorata  Native to Indonesia.  The oil is extracted from the freshly picked fragrant exotic flower.  Exquisite & powerful aroma.  Known for its aphrodisiac & euphoric qualities.  Luxury oil for skin care which regulates dry and oily skin.  Non-toxic & non-irritant although some people can become sensitised.