BLOCK BOOKING:  Minimum 3 sessions Recommended for Long Standing Conditions.

INDIVIDUAL TREATMENTS:  Suitable for Maintenance of Health & Preventative Health Care.

rsz_3healing_hands_shutterstockReiki/Reflex: Course of 3 treatments: £95 (please click on link for more info..)

Chakra Wisdom Healing: Course of 3 treatments £110

ANGELIC REIKI £35 Hands on healing infusing the Soul with Channelled Divine Angelic Energy.  Past-Life can be incorporated on request.

DIMENSIONAL REIKI £35 Healing from a Soul Level through the Energetic Time Line.  Reconnect to a Higher Vibration.  Connection to our Birth Vision and Life Purpose. Higher Dimensional Clarity within our Physical realm Existence.


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CHAKRA WISDOM HEALING £40 Healing Intuitively & Chakra Wisdom Card Interpretation (Trained by Deborah King Master Energy Healer & Hay House Author) Hands on healing to balance our 7 main chakra centres. Restore chakras to their natural vibrant glow and and help restore physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health. Talking therapy also included at initial consultation with chakra diagnostics & advice given to restore balance.

PAST LIFE RELEASE  £50  Repeating old patterns and behaviours that are holding you back?  Want to move forward but something stops you?  Break free to move forward gently and freely.  The Past-Life release is incorporated into th

USUI REIKI £35 Hands on healing using earth energy to ground body and mind. Re-balances physically, mentally, emotionally & spiritually. Relaxes & rejuvenates regardless of condition or age.

REFLEXOLOGY £35  Ancient therapeutic treatment allowing energy pathways and meridians in the feet to be cleared so energy and health can flow freely.  Pressure will be applied to points in the feet linking to the corresponding organs and nerve pathways.


TREATMENTS:  Allow approx 1 hour & 15 mins for appointment.  Full consultation taken including medical e Angelic Healing where Archangel Michael will cut any cords allowing you to move towards your Birth Visionhistory and lifestyle.

Avoidance of heavy meals 1 hour pre & post treatment.
Avoidance of alcohol 24 hours pre & post treatment to aid healing.
Children welcome.  If under 16 years of age, must be accompanied by an adult
All sessions treated with the strictest confidence.

AFTER CARE ~ The client needs to be aware of their own role in achieving benefits from the treatment and for an improvement in their condition. Lifestyle and nutritional adjustments may be required. 

Please Contact Us to discuss treatments further or phone  07884 050 340

Terms & conditions

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