Energy Healing

Angelic Reiki

angelic reiki teaching

Receive a downpour of Divine Soul Energy from the Angelic Kingdom of Light. Our planet has woken up to a greater reality and the Divine is expressing itself continually in the world we live in.  This is available to us all, now, here on our beautiful earth.

Angelic Reiki allows the client to connect with their own soul or higher self and raise their vibration to a higher level of consciousness.

This is a pure, gentle and joyous energy that is given with Divine love. This can be enjoyed by all regardless of age or condition.

In Angelic Reiki we do not perceive that anything is wrong or that there is something to ‘do’. There are no wrongs. There is no judgement in this space. Everything is in Divine perfect order as is is meant to be.

I welcome you to feel the Blessing.

Dimensional Soul Healing 

The Souls’ Journey starts from the Oneness where it emerges as a Powerful Being.  This powerful being has the capability of fragmenting its energy into different dimensions of existence, until it reaches the required vibration for the safe connection to earth.  The physical genetic coding of the parent’s inherited D.N.A. becomes the final sub-fragmentation of the Soul’s energy system – The human is born.  Our auric field becomes the sub-fragmentation of our being.

Dimensional Soul Healing heals at a Soul Level, of past and present incarnations.  We heal from the 10th Dimension, Energetic Time Line and Birth Vision.  We heal the Soul’s energy.  High Vibrational Energy is channelled through the Crown Chakra.

Chakra Balance

Heal your Life. Re-gain balance and control.  Stand in your power.  Gain clarity.  Life your life’s purpose in vitality, health, grace and empowerment.

Suitable for all ages and conditions from babies to elderly.

Chakras are spinning vortices of light based within the etheric energetic system which is composed within our auric field.  Visible to the clairvoyant eye.  Blockages reside here before they reach the physical body.  Chakra Wisdom Healing keeps these energy centres in balance and can clear out blocks so the energy flows through our entire being and we feel health on every level including mental, emotional and spiritual.  If you do not feel you’re life is flowing or are experiences problems, this can be corrected by intuitive chakra life force healing.

Lynsey can Clairvoyantly see what is going on inside your Chakras, giving you insight on what may be causing blockages.  Clair-sentiently Lynsey can feel your energy centres and re-balance them.

This way we will have insight into emotional patterns that may be causing the blockages.  We can work together to gently re-train patterns.

My energy treatments usually are a blend of all three techniques described enough.  Individual or specific energy treatment can be given on request.

£40 per session for all Energy Treatments.

Past Life Healing

Incorporated into the energy healing session.

Feel you are repeating patterns and cycles?

Feel held back and unable to move forward?

Unfinished business?

Karmic repercussions can be brought forward from past lives and even ancestral lines that affect our lives today.

Cut the cords that bind us so we can gently and freely move forward.

The client has to assume responsibility and accept choices made in their lifetime, past and present, and client always has to play a part in their healing and adjust lifestyle accordingly to accommodate a higher vibrational frequency.

Past Life Healing will heal Soul Issues at a deep level so our energetic system can hold more light.  This healing and releasing of limiting patterns, behaviours and thought processes is done at an energetic time level through multi-dimensional healing.

As each layer is revealed this reveals our true Divine Nature and will take us to the next stage of our healing and Divinity.

Past-life healing can be gentle and make way for easy and new transitions in life to lead a more fulfilled life without fear or it can be a rapid catalyst for change.   Each is individual in nature.  Client can have this done without information or if client wishes a description of the past-life information can be brought forward.

£60 per session