Children’s Nutrition Consultations


Consultations:  £40

Special Offer just now @ £35 for nutrition session and take home a flower remedy.



Lynsey Walker BSc (Dip Children’s Nurse)
Nutrition & Health Coach (Dip IIN), Energy Healer & Angelic Reiki Master Teacher,  Herbalist (Dip RBGE)

Autism & ADHD friendly. Member of the National Autistic Society.


We help to Balance the Body & Restore Health using Natural Nutrition & Flower Remedies:)

We help with:


Better Sleep
Digestive Health

Fussy Eaters
Health Hormones for Teens
Healthy Body Image
Improve Skin – Eczema, Psoriasis, Acne

Recover quicker from Illness
& much more..

Individual Consultations & Programmes Tailor-Made for you.

Bush Flower Remedies are Safe for all Children.  They help to balance emotions naturally.  They can help with many things including poor concentration, hyperactivity, difficulty learning, autism & much more..



Children – Our Greatest Teachers.

With the frequency of earth rising every day and the New Golden Age approaching Sacred Children are birthing the planet with fully activated 5th Dimensional Gifts.  They are here to help us lift the vibration of Earth during this pivotal time of Evolution.  We call them the Crystal Children as they are born aware.

We have to keep our Children in their natural pure and divine way and lift our own vibration to assist in Earth’s and mankind’s Ascension.  Keeping them aligned with their Divine innate spiritual gifts is vital.  They are our new consciousness.

Always having a natural affinity for children, particular an understanding of sensitive children who may encounter seemingly more obstacles. Highly sensitive children are highly perceptive and cannot shrug things off as easily. Feeling emotions and environments deeply can sometimes put them out of sync.

Also with the quality of food declining with processed, packaged foods lining supermarket shelves and mis-leading marketing campaigns children are often eating the wrong foods.

Problems Occurring: ADHD, Autism, Eczema, Psoriasis, Restlessness, Poor sleeping habits, Poor Concentration, Obesity, Digestive issues, Irritability and more…

Their high frequency bodies will not tolerate certain foods and artificial environments as they are more sensitive.  This can cause problems that can be gently adjusted by natural health and healing.

HOME VISITS AVAILABLE Helensburgh, Loch Lomond & surrounding area or via SKYPE.