Bush Flower Remedy Consultation

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Flower Essence Consultation

Flower Essences were first used in the civilisations Lemuria and Atlantis where healing from nature came naturally and how Mother Earth had intended it.  Now we are all journeying back to natural healing for extra support as our health dilemmas are not being fully answered by the current health model.  Diseases and prescriptions are on the increase which are not healing the root problem.

With 69 individual flower essences and 20 combination essences made from the Bush in Australia and brought forward by Ian White who came from 5 generations of herbal and natural healers.  The essences help to correct emotional imbalances and patterns that are limiting our full potential.  The flower essences correlate to each chakra and with careful observation and consultation the correct remedy will achieve homeostasis in the etheric field – the chakra system and bring about harmony, often healing long-held patterns and belief systems that no longer serve us.

The Flower Essences can help us with our present ascension pathway recognising challenges we may be currently facing.  They work on the physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and soul body.  They help heal the spirit.

The Flower Essences can help us in achieving our natural Divine state of being allowing us to fulfil our Divine Life Mission.


Individual Consultations:  Normally £40

Special offer just now @£30  (1 hour).  Take home individually made up tincture bottle lasting 1 month.

Also take home individual affirmations to repeat daily to help release negative patterns while taking the remedy.