Summer Solstice

Summer Solstice

21st June (20-23rd)

Longest Day & Shortest Night

Festival of Attainment & Return of the Dark (Nights)

The sun’s rays shine down on Earth at the farthest point north in the annual cycle.

turning point of the year and the energy changes.

The days shorten and the sun’s power will begin to wane.

Like all traditions that follow the lunar calendar the celebrations begin at dusk on the eve of the day, when the sun sets.

On Midsummer Eve, fires were lit on hill tops.  People stayed up all night to watch the sunrise.  A night for carnival and candlelit procession.  

The summer solstice celebrates all that we have manifested in the last quarter and to give thanks for this and the light we have received.  We now begin to look inwards as the darker nights approach, a time for introversion and introspection now become upon us.  We connect deeper with the inner world as the sun loses its light.

The Earth is green and abundant as the growth cycle has reached its peak of the year.  This also represents the peak of our expressive and expansive selves.  We celebrate, at this time, all we have achieved and who we are.

Now we look inwards to our inner achievements which will depend and grow during the next cycle.

The three days during the Summer Solstice 20th-23th June are important and a good time to stand still and to go inward and honour all that is.

Ceremonial Celebrations for the Summer Solstice


Watch the Sunrise on Summer Solstice

Celebrate the Sun and the gifts and light it bring us

Meet with like-minded souls and have a circular walk by candlelight

Decorate yourself with garlands of herbs and flowers of the season.

Pot herbs and give as gifts to friends and neighbours

Dry garden herbs from this time and make herb bags with muslin for tea and baths

Sing, dance and express yourself outdoors in nature.

Connect with your intentions for the next cycle and be still

Burn old matter in fires or bonfires that no longer serve you.

Journal releasing thoughts and burn the paper


Indoor Connection

Create a sacred space or alter

Put fresh flowers or herbs on the alter

Use incense or aromatherapy spritz to cleanse the room

Light a candle

Take a moment to breath and connect inwards in meditation and contemplation 

Give thanks for the sun and mother nature and all she brings to us

Write down anything you wish to release emotionally

Trust this is released for the highest good

Sit with like-minded souls and create a circle of friendship or 

Sit on your own and connect with the inner realms

Give thanks for the previous cycle and what you have achieved

Look to the next cycle and write what you would like to achieve

Use crystals to amplify your intention

Give gratitude for the space and for the summer solstice

Closing Ceremony ~ let go of all intentions and trust for the highest good.

Trees associated with the summer solstice:

Deciduous trees  (e.g Oak) must be harvested before the summer solstice,  as after that they contain too many alkaloids (natural plant poisons that repel insects) and these can be irritating to human tissues.  Always gather bark from twigs and branches, never from the trunk of a tree, or you might kill the tree. 

The Mansions of your Soul

As we enter deeper into the castle, the inner being of our soul, we move deeper into our Divine Presence.  The Priestess Path involves many Birth & Re-Birth cycles as our layers are exposed and taken off one by one, meaning any unresolved fragments of our soul will rise to the surface for healing, we can no longer ignore them, now we face our fears and feel lighter with each initiation.

Each Mansion corresponds to the deeper aspects of the lesson of each Chakra.  Once we reach a level of spirituality or the Divine wishes something for us we cannot yet see, we begin to Ascend further.  Each Charka represents a new layer of Ascension as we climb the ladder higher and higher.  The seven mansions of our soul represent our seven chakras.  Seven is a sacred number and used across many lineages of spirituality and religion.  Seven represents the coming together of Heaven and Earth.

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The Modern Medicine Woman

Not tainted by injustice

Not forlorn by misjudgement

She rises high

As an eagle soars through the sky

With love in her heart

And peace in her soul

Her deep sense of belonging

To Mother Earth her land gone once before

She carries within her heart a flame that will never be extinguished

The brightly lit torch of courage and justice

She returns to her land

Stronger and wiser

To serve her purpose

Uniting Heaven with Earth

To be with her people

To re-unite and rise as one.

Universal Oneness

Our Life on Earth is more than loving those close to us at an individual level.

It is a mass consciousness of Union.

Between Planets, Galaxies, Dimensions and Kingdoms.

We are all connected at every level of existence stretching far and wide beyond our Human Perception.

We exist as One.

We may have walked alone on our Spiritual Path.

But when we Merge with Universal Consciousness we realise we are Connected through multi-faceted layers.

It is not recognising there are other Light Workers out there.

But it is the Joining with your specific Belief System and

Merging with like-minded Brothers & Sisters

You do not even need to know them well

It comes through Universal Consciousness at a Global level.

You feel they come from the same stance

They wish for the same as you do ~ Peace on Earth.

A Unity of Consciousness and Universal Oneness

Greater than your thoughts or mind perception.

You feel through and beyond the Dimensional Layers

You Serve your Purpose as our Light Beings look upon.

Words are often not needed.

We exist together.

An expansion of your Heart and Crown Chakra

We merge together and Unite as One

We serve at a Greater & Deeper level

Activating Source through our Stellar Gateway.


The Collective Consciousness and the Merging with Our Brothers & Sisters alike.

We are all One.




Still your Mind and Listen to your Breath

Let Emotions surface and observe without judgement

Feel every cell of your Body and keep your focus on the Present

Repeat these cycles and let your body relax..

In Silent Meditation we keep our awareness alive

To take it deeper once our minds are clear visit the Realm of Council in the 8th Dimension

Ask your Guides, Mentors, Angels and Beings of Light for Answers

We are never alone and Answers lie within the Silence

If you wish to Pray now is the time to do so

It is here we connect with the Inner Realms

With those of our Masters and the Inner Chambers of our Heart

Return from the Void Clearer and Wiser

Refreshed from the Physical Existence

Renewed Focus and Clarity

Return any time..


With Love





Lemuria was a high vibrational Golden Age and was the civilisation before Atlantis.  We are now preparing for the next Golden Age in 2032 and the Lemurians can help us purify and rise higher.  Lemurians were etheric beings (like angels but 5th dimensional).  Later the Atlanteans came on the crossover who were more technological and experimental who led more complicate lives.  Most Lemurians did not physically walk the ground.  They were complete in themselves.

They had a great love for Mother Earth and lived simple yet meaningful lives.  They believed all they needed was provided by nature and the spiritual realms.  They did no harm and took as little from Mother Earth as possible, which is why there is not much evidence of their existence.  They were very attuned to and worked with the Elemental Kingdom.  The only evidence of their presence was their crystals which were meant for us to assist us through the New Transition of Planetary Healing and Service.

Their dream for Lightworkers is to consciously create the new Golden Age that awaits.  Lets bring Heaven to Earth.  This is not the Lemurians job, they will us heal and guide us to purify ourselves, others and the land, we as earth beings have been heaven sent to assist in this task.  As we clear energetically, healing old emotional patterns, we lift to a higher vibration and this has an automatic effect on Mother Earth – it purifies her emotional body as well.  So as we heal ourselves we are healing the Planet.



“When you cannot see us

We have become pure light

There is no distance between us

There is no fight

We wish to stand by your side

Let this be your Divine right

Brothers and Sisters lets merge as One

Let time not restrict us, day or night”

                             your Lemurian friends


To Connect with a Lemurian Guide do it through your Heart Energy and commune regularly in an awake and sleep state.  They will not lower their vibration to meet us, we have to lift our vibration to meet them and they will meet us half way.  They are of pure intention and we have to match that.  After the sinking of Lemuria they will not be a party to destruction again.


Strengthen Lemurian connection to Earth:

  • Send Golden footsteps around the planet with every step, visualise and feel this happen
  • Feel you breath merge with every flowing movement of the Ocean swaying in and out, tuning in with her cycles.
  • When looking upon nature see white light engulf Mother Earths splendour – trees, grass, soil, ocean, plants, flowers, food growing, the sky, the air we breath
  • Eat high vibrational foods grown from Mother Earth holding her energy and light
  • If your heart is pure and open and your soul of the highest intention connect with a Lemurian Crystal
  • Connect with Lemurian Crystalline Etheric Grids underground
  • Pray and send Light around the Planet to areas in need. See the land and people balanced, peaceful and pure
  • Honour the Elemental Kingdom
  • Honour all Animals
  • Honour Nature
  • Honour and Bless all walking on Mother Earth
  • Honour and Love yourself
  • Use natural products, capturing Natures Light in a bottle, filling your cells with light. (The body absorbs 80% of what we put on our skins). The skin is the largest organ of the body. Treat it with respect.

As much as Crystals hold powerful elemental and healing energy, we do not want to encourage man mining them purely for production and re-sale.  This can deplete her of her resources when we artificially mine. Let Mother Earth reveal her Crystal Light within her inner body in her chosen Divine Time.

‘Have Faith Wise Ones

Lets Rise for the Golden Age of Atlantis to return

With Peace in our Hearts and Love in our Souls

Lets Unite as One’


For more information for a deeper connection:

Lemurian Workshops available –


Today, this Halloween the veil at its thinnest

Our worlds merge together as we create lineage


Pumpkins, Witches, Ghosts, Angels and Vampires

We ignite the two worlds by magic and fire


The midnight sky amongst a full moon night

We walk through the streets by twinkling candle light


There is no need to hide as we all come together

And pass through the houses no matter what the weather


A magic time to honour the dark and light

A time of expression without the need to fight


Who will you be on this night of illusion and mystery

Just make sure to honour all we are, on this special night of history.