HISTORY   An ancient healing process discovered by the Egyptians over 5000 years ago.  The Greeks then used it for its medicinal properties.  The Romans used the oils lavishly to perfume clothes, beds and for massage in their bath houses.  The oils are extracted from plants which resulted in many exotic perfumes that were shipped to Europe.  In the 1950’s the name ‘Aromatherapy’ came to Britain where they were used for therapeutic purposes and skin care.

ESSENTIAL OILS are the life force of the plant, these contain many healing properties which can be relaxing or invigorating depending on the clients need.  They will be mixed with VEGETABLE OILS which hold nutritional constitents such as Vitamin A & E as well as many other skin enhancing qualities, while the essential oils can be diluted and applied in a lubricant to the skin.

AROMATHERAPY is a holistic treatment that treats the individual as a whole taking into account the mind, body, spirit, lifestyle, occupation, nutrition, exercise, sunshine, fresh air and ability to relax through lifes inevitable stressors.  Holistic comes from the Greek word ‘holes’ which means whole.

Aromatherapy seeks to induce relaxation, increase energy, reduce stress and restore lost balance to mind, body and spirit.  It works with the forces of nature but does not use toxic remedies, so there are no unpleasant side effects.  It can be used for common stress related disorders such as anxiety, depression, headaches and insomnia.  It can also be used for aches and pains, respiratory problems, PMS and menstrual disorders.  It helps to re-balance and achieve homeostasis within the body.  Where there are more serious disorders then it can be used with the co-operation of the doctor.  It can help young and old.  Suitable for children.

The oil blend will be made according to the clients needs and will be applied through a relaxing massage.

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Each session:  1 hour  £35    30mins  £20.

Elderly: Hand & Arm Massage:  15 mins £10