Lynsey is an Extrasensory Empath, Intuitive Healer, Channel, Meditation and Spiritual Coach.

Harnessed by a deep love of the earth’s lore and divine light Lynsey’s work encompasses the sacred feminine.

The Divine Feminine is for the evolving woman and goddess across all cultures, whether they are the aspect of the maiden, the mother or the crone.

 Lynsey helps women uncover their divine feminine soul gifts.

Are you looking for spiritual direction regarding your path?  Are you wishing to explore the mystical and create a sacred existence while living on earth?


Uncover and Activate your Divine Life Purpose?

Embrace your Divine Feminine Gifts?

Turn Suffering into Spiritual Expansion?

Awaken to your Spiritual Potential?

Establish a Regular and Effective Meditation Practice?

Connect with Soul Sisters in Sacred Circle?

Lead a Spiritually Empowered Life?


If you wish to create a sacred space within your soul, understand your calling and Live your Divine Feminine Birth Right, then join with us sisters and emerge with an awakened heart and soul..  Do not travel alone on the path of becoming whole.  Join with us in sacred presence.

We are all here to transform through our own experiences, lessons and suffering, enabling soul growth, remembering who we are, why we are here and to embrace our divine life mission. This is not an easy process as we shed layers from within and transform through our hardships.

The sacred feminine path is an arduous spiritual path.  The sacred feminine allows us to fall back into our soul..

We are all born with everything we need, we do not need to look far, but can access this from within.

 Journey back into your soul so we can remember what we may have forgotten..


More about Lynsey

Lynsey Walker


Meditate with us!

meditate with us!

Benefits to Mind, Body & Soul

They say you cannot age a meditator…

Meditation is the best anti-ageing product on the planet and it is free!

It also has outrageous benefits:

  • Relaxation
  • Brings a sense of peace
  • Stillness and clarity of mind
  • Opens your spiritual chakras
  • Clears and charges your chakras
  • Assists with the healing process in the body
  • Expands the capacity of the mind

For true benefits practice must be done regularly. Please see our Meditation Coaching Packages and learn with us 🙂

Divine Feminine Wisdom Mission

To inspire others to live as Sacred, Natural and Magical lives as possible. To Connect with Cosmic Light and the Magic, Wonder and Healing properties of the Earth’s Lore.  To re-awaken the Wise Ways of times gone by. To live a heart-centred life and ignite our Divine Life Mission. Connect with like minded souls and enjoy being alive.

Nature Goddess Philosophy

Welcome. We hope you join us in Sacred Presence.  Merge with Gaia, the Cosmos and Lunar Light. We educate about Spiritual Wisdom, Inner Healing, Natural Health & Beauty. Awaken your Goddess within. We are so Grateful for your Presence.  Please join our Sacred Feminine Community.  Follow your Inner Star & Shine bright.