The Mansions of your Soul

As we enter deeper into the castle, the inner being of our soul, we move deeper into our Divine Presence.  The Priestess Path involves many Birth & Re-Birth cycles as our layers are exposed and taken off one by one, meaning any unresolved fragments of our soul will rise to the surface for healing, we can no longer ignore them, now we face our fears and feel lighter with each initiation.

Each Mansion corresponds to the deeper aspects of the lesson of each Chakra.  Once we reach a level of spirituality or the Divine wishes something for us we cannot yet see, we begin to Ascend further.  Each Charka represents a new layer of Ascension as we climb the ladder higher and higher.  The seven mansions of our soul represent our seven chakras.  Seven is a sacred number and used across many lineages of spirituality and religion.  Seven represents the coming together of Heaven and Earth.

This is the Path of the Mystic.  No ordinary path.  But Pre-Ordained and a rigorous deep self-inventory healing path where the Soul is stripped bare, we have no choice to become humble as the Divine wishes and for us to feel the Divine Light within our own Souls.  This is an inner journey, not an outward one.  When we reach a level of light within ourselves we naturally wish to help others find their light and teach others through our own lessons and experiences.  This is a path for the Spiritual Teacher.


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