New Moon Ceremony in 10 Tips


New Moon ~ Renewal & Re-birth ~ When we can’t see the moon and it is dark in the sky.  The beginning of the moon’s phases.

A time to go inwards and be still.  To listen internally and reflect on what actually it is that we desire either for the next cycle. Let your higher self guide you and not your ego. When we wish to manifest something we have to think why do we want this and what will we do with this? Is this for our highest good?  Remember that your wishes are heard far and wide so be careful what you wish for. Are you ready to receive this into your life now?

New Moon Ceremony in Ten Tips:)

1) Create a sacred space.

2) Light candles, create an alter, have sacred objects near you.

3) Set the intention to connect with the new moon.

4) Ask for protection from Archangel Michael or whomever is appropriate to you.

5) Go into a quiet inner space, meditate and still your mind.

5) Get clear on what you want, ask for a vision or guidance if you need it.

6) When clear imagine this in your minds eye and feel it happening. Does this feel comfortable and right for you?

7) Write down your wish list on paper and place it on your alter.

8) Hold a crystal to amplify the energy. Clear quartz is a natural amplifier or use whatever crystal you are drawn to.

9) Say thank you to the moon and source for taking your dreams to the galaxies to be manifested into your life. Trust it is done and bring closure to the ceremony in a way that feels right to you.

10) Ground, protect and return to present time.


Wish List Ceremony Prayer:

As you write your intention on your paper you can say this or if you are in a circle get someone to say it aloud while you all write.

With these words we write

On our sacred paper tonight

We place on the alter

Our intentions do not falter

Be careful what you wish for as our prayers are carried far and wide

The Divine always listening and close by your side

Thank you for cleansing us of that which no longer serves our soul

And balancing our masculine and feminine to complete us in becoming whole.

And so it is for our Highest Good

Thank you Blessed Ones

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Sacred Feminine Meditation

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