Summer Solstice



21st June (20-23rd) ~ Longest Day & Shortest Night

The official First Day of Summer! ~ Fun & Folklore

Summer Solstice
Nature. Celtic Festivals

The days shorten and the sun’s power begins to wane.

Like all traditions that follow the lunar calendar the celebrations begin at dusk on the eve of the day, when the sun sets.  On Midsummer Eve, fires were lit on hill tops. People stayed up all night to watch the sunrise. A night for carnival and candlelit procession.

The summer solstice celebrates all that we have manifested in the last quarter and to give thanks for this and the light we have received.  To celebrate who we are.  As the darker nights approach we begin to look inwards again.  A time for introversion and introspection and divine feminine circles.  Planning for the next cycle.  The three days during the Summer Solstice 20th-23th June are important.  A time for reflection and acceptance of what is.



Tools to Celebrate the Summer Solstice:

Outdoor Connection:

Create a sacred ceremony to set positive new intentions for the next cycle.

Gather and celebrate with like-minded sisters in circle.

Watch the Sunrise and Sunset on the Solstice.

Light Candles and absorb your recent achievements and intend what yet to gain.

Decorate yourself with garlands of herbs and flowers of the season.

Dry and store herbs.

Spend time in the Garden with friends.

Light a Chimnea, fire pit or bonfire.

Journal old thoughts and burn in the fire to release.


Indoor Connection:

Create a sacred space or alter

Put fresh flowers or herbs on the alter

Use incense or aromatherapy spritz to cleanse the room

Light a candle

Take a moment to breath and connect inwards in meditation and contemplation

Give thanks for the sun and mother nature and all she brings to us

Write down anything you wish to release emotionally

Trust this is released for the highest good

Sit with like-minded souls and create a circle of friendship or

Sit on your own and connect with the inner realms

Give thanks for the previous cycle and what you have achieved

Look to the next cycle and write what you would like to achieve

Use crystals to amplify your intention

Closing Ceremony ~ let go of all intentions and trust for the highest good

Give Thanks & Blessings



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