What is a Priestess?


A channel for Divine Healing Power.  A Healer and Spiritual Leader serving her Community.  Bridging the natural and spiritual world to bring healing and light to others.  A lifelong dedication and way of life.

Communion with the self, spirit and earth.

As the Priestess feels the Divine deep within her Soul and an honouring of Mother Earth feeling the connection of all living matter, she wishes to help others find their light and re-connect with their soul.  She wishes to share her story of wisdom in accessing and living in high frequency energy to stay in harmonious alignment.  She wishes to join with other like-minded souls to keep their frequency high and wishes for the planet as a whole to rise to a higher level.

The Priestess lives in unison with natures seasons, cycles, patterns and rhythms.  She feels a strong connection to the sun, moon, stars and soil.  Breathing with nature.  Allowing the natural elements to heal and align our soul.  Working with the magic of nature.  Allowing Divine Light in.  And sending Divine Light out.

For centuries before pharmaceuticals the priestess or medicine woman used herbs, plants and trees to create natural medicine and healing potions from nature.  Known as Green Pharmacy to Herbologists.   Of course herbs are still used toady by Herbalists but mainly in private practice.  Pharmaceuticals have taken over as mainstream treatment to treat all our modern day diseases and ailments.  Previously Priestesses and Medicine Women would work within their communities healing their tribes and clans naturally using nature and Divine Light in the form of hands on healing.  From bleeding wounds to childbirth to basic first aid, any malady including emotional upsets and mental turmoil.  People became suspicious of their healing powers as they did not understand their gifts.  Mistakenly thought of as witches and wrongly accused of being evil many were burned at the stake for their knowledge, wisdom, healing powers and prophecy.  The burning years lasted for too long..

The aim of the Priestess, Wise Woman or Medicine Woman was to serve and heal their communities and the people within it and to share their light and they were mistakenly misjudged or feared for their natural powers.


Medicine Women and Priestesses have always been healers.  Holding the gift of many healing arts they now may choose to focus on one or two of their gifts.  Whether it be Energy Medicine: a channel for Divine healing energy and light.  Prophecy or oracle card reading.  Herbalism.  Nutrition.  Aromatherapy.  Plant medicine.  The masseuse.  The body work practitioner and therapist.  Counsellors.  The nurse or midwife.  The spiritual teacher: a powerful communicator through sound and voice.  Singing.  Dancing.  Sacred ritual.  Dreamwork.  Prayer.  The Arts.

And nowadays sharing knowledge and light through the media to spread powerful and positive messages.  All of these traits may weave through the blood of a modern day priestess.  It does not matter what era or country they are from as their essence is the still the same.  Nowadays their education is used in a slightly different way as lifestyle diseases are rapidly increasing and people are seeking help to restore harmony and bring about peace.  For the balanced woman she will use if for magical manifesting, to see round corners, to live in the synchronistic flow of life and to bring light to others in a natural way.  They offer support from young to old.

The Divine Feminine now soaring to new heights and reaching great awareness.  More priestesses are emerging than ever before with the increase of light on our planet to combat the suffering that has to be addressed.  All over the world great gifts and wisdom are carried within their souls.

Some are still waiting for the right time to emerge from the spiritual closet as they fear the consequences of lifting their veil as to show the seat of their soul takes great courage and is a process of surrender.  It is the crossover from the solar plexus chakra, where a deep and long self-inventory takes place, where looking within is the only place to go to find peace within the solitude.  In here we may feel like life and the Divine has abandoned us as this takes time.  Here we face the shadow side as we purge our reptiles and here we wait till we know it is time…

When we are ready to rise we now enter the divine space of the heart chakra.  A place of surrender.  It is no longer only about ourselves as the sole purpose of living, but what we can do to help this planet rise to a higher level of divine existence.  When we are ready, the Universe is here waiting for us, standing by our side all the time.  It is now we are found, we no longer search for we already existed.  We now follow divine direction and allow a path of service to follow.  The surrender to a greater plan.  Now we are ready to start our work.  This is why we came.  Anything prior, we now see, has been our preparation.

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