Sacred Space


A vital and natural part of the Priestess Path.  To create your own sacred space.  In order to reach this internally we have to become attuned to joining together either in circle with like-minded sisters and also to create this within our homes in our own space.  This may be an alter or special space with special objects such as crystal, herbs, plants, flowers, candles, lanterns, books, art, oracle cards, whatever is relevant to your energy type and works for you.  This space is somewhere that your soul knows it is time to go inwards, just with you.  This is a sacred time and a sacred space.   You can come here for solace and to breath.  To meditate. To contemplate with the divine.  For introspection.  To access your inner world.   Just set the intention and enter into your sacred space.  The more often you access your sacred space the deeper you can journey inwards.

Meditating daily is a must within your sacred space.  Soon you will feel this sacred space within your soul and you can enter wherever you are.

Entering Sacred Space or to prepare for a Sacred Ceremony: 

  1. Cleanse and prepare the space – Create a Sacred Alter with Crystals, objects, cards, plants, whatever you like to lift the vibration
  2. Light Candles, Incense, Oil Burners
  3. Sink into your body and breath
  4. Ground with Gaia and Connect with Source Light
  5. Let go and Allow..
  6. Pure Postive Intention
  7. Set the intention to go inwards for whatever it is you require i.e meditation, visualisation, communicating with your higher consciousness, guide team, realm of council, self-healing, prayer…
  8. Receive any impressions, visions, thoughts, ideas, feelings without judgement
  9. Ask for anything you wish to know or Just be in the sacred space
  10. Ask for what you desire:  healing, abundance, insight etc
  11. Allow the energy to enter you and fill your soul with light
  12. Trust it is done
  13. Thank the space, offer gratitude
  14. Ground with Gaia and protect
  15. Close the Space.

When we enter into sacred space it is equally as important we cleanse and  the energy of our home and of ourselves.  Here are some tips to help you get there:

Raise the Vibration of your Sacred Space & Home:

  1. Ground yourself effectively with Gaia and Connect with Source Energy 
  2. Establish white light, gold, light and the violet flame around your auric and energetic field, layer by layer.
  3. Expand this light outwards and seal each layer – in front, behind, to the left, to the right, above and below.  Seal and check the seal.  TripleFold Protection
  4. Call on your Guardian Angel, Guides and God to protect and oversee you day and night.
  5. Cleanse your home with the same method you used for your auric field.  White Light, gold light and purple light surrounds your entire building, one layer at a time
  6. See & feel Source energy stand by every door, window and opening
  7. Call on the Source Light to seal and protect your home
  8. Burn Sage
  9. Use Aromatherapy Oils in a burner or spray mist
  10. Use a Singing Bowl – Sound shifts vibrations
  11. Have Plants around your home
  12. Have Fresh Flowers
  13. Play High Vibrational Music
  14. Clean, clean, clean..!!! House cleaning: shampoo carpets, freshen paintwork, wash curtains etc…
  15. Clean body & clean clothes, clean hands.  Water is deeply healing, refreshing & a sacred ritual
  16. Have Crystals, Sacred Objects around your home that lift your vibration
  17. Thank Source for their Divine Guidance & Protection.

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