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Herbal Beauty School

Learn how to make your own natural beauty products!

Nature In a Bottle

Welcome to Herbal Beauty School!  Here we hand-make natural skin care using only the highest quality ingredients.  We run individual workshops showing you how to make different products in each class!  All ingredients included and you take home your own products you made in class!  We run these workshops in Loch Lomond and the surrounding area.  Learn how to make Bespoke Blends from our Apothecary.

Our Herbal Beauty Workshops

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~ Herbal Beauty, Nutrition & Natural Skin Care ~

Learn how to make your own Natural Beauty Products

Hand-Made ~ Organic ~ Cruelty Free


Bespoke Blends

Cruelty Free

The Apothecary

~ Learn how to make your own Products ~

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Have a look at some of my hand-crafted face creams and oils..  I qualified as a herbalist from the Edinburgh Botanic Gardens and have worked as an aromatherapist and have had my own natural skin care range for many years.  I now like to teach others how to make their own products in my Herbal Beauty Workshops.

Herbal Beauty Workshops making Lavender Hand Creams and Mallow Face Creams.

Learn how to make your own natural skin care and herbal remedies.  We will cover creams, balms, body oils, room mists and more..!!

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Please get it touch for an individual healing treatment.  We offer a range of therapies.  Angelic reiki, Chakra balancing, Flower remedies, Nutrition and more..

  • This hand cream is divine! It smells gorgeous and a little goes a long way. It is rich and feels really nourishing. I put it on before bedtime and by morning my hands feel lovely and soft. Highly recommended!

  • It’s really the best cream that I ever used !!! If you suffer with acne like me, it’s the best cream that someone could use for breakouts!

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